Thursday 30 September 2010

You've just done a POPGOS

Yes, thats right. You have just

Promoted Other Peoples Goods Or Services

This means you've just engaged in network marketing. Now, there are 2 types of people in the world.
Those that Network Market and those that get paid for doing it.

Which one are you?

BTW - most people have been network marketing since age 6.

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Sunday 26 September 2010

great story about my ex-postman friend, Julius

I met Julius and his wife Michelle at a dinner. We'd been invited out by a group of multimillionaires as we were amongst the top earners in our businesses. Julius had an amazing smile and just seemed like a happy go lucky type of guy.

At a recent event he told his story which surprised and inspired me.

I used to be a postman - I was happy with my job, but there was never enough money. I found out about this opportunity and I just started sharing it with everybody. Within 6 months I was as Silver level, just like Mark and Sue, which is an extra £17k income a year. Just by sharing the opportunity I found out that people I spoke to were also looking for more in their lives. Especially money! The second income I got from by part time business now exceeded my income as a postman and I was able to quit my postman job and grow my business further.

I was inspired by this, so I asked Julius about how he went about growing his business. Here's his email..

Good to see you with your family last weekend.Anyway, I approach people in different ways. I give them my business cards, but I don't tell them immediately about the opportunity.Use this statement:

I tell them them that this is an opportunity and I believe that if I tell you something about this opportunity, it will change your life. Then I ask them, would you be open if I tell you about this opportunity? If they say yes, then ask them if you can call them later on, set the time, then contact them.

Also sometimes, I just give them the drink for them to taste the juice. No selling, just for them to taste, and then if they are really serious about it, they will ask. Or another way is ask them if they had their 5 servings of food and veg today? If not, then tell them let me give you a favour, give them the drink and let them taste the juice.Just get their contact numbers and email then that's the time you explain the opportunity, otherwise, they won't be interested. Ok mark, speak to you again.


So there we have it - the amazing tale of how Julius, my postman friend from the west midlands, gained an extra income and was able to quit his day job in 6 months.

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Storytellers wanted

Wanted people who are good at telling stories. If you feel you can stand up in front of a group and tell a story, let us know. We have an opening for you!

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Saturday 25 September 2010

Who or what is POPGOS

POPGOS TM is another term for marketing - Promoting Other Peoples Goods Or Services.

POPGOS is a term that is (c)2010 Mark Hopgood, Hopgood Marketing and Consultancy Ltd.

Can be used by any member of my team or with permission. All rights reserved.

If you see the term POPGOS anywhere, it probably originated from me or my team.

You see, there are 2 types of people in the world.

Those that know how to use POPGOS to their financial advantage


Those that have a regular job, still complaining about how poor they are on their single income!

Contact Mark Hopgood for further information.
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Intl tel: +44 1732 80 80 67

Here's to a great future.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Making a video 2 wow your friends, prospects and customers
Using an amazing online software, you can create a cool video without any previous experience.
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Within minutes you could be creating a video 2 wow.

Saturday 4 September 2010

What if I'm shy - can I still run a business from home?

I get these questions and comments every so often, when I ask people what's stopping them from starting their own business.

"I don't have any money, can I still build a business?"
"I'm shy"
"I don't like selling"
"I have a stutter"
"I'm dislexic"

In all cases, I say, "that's no problem".
I've developed a system which can be used not only to to start a business, but to tap into a little known secret. Almost everyone (85% of the population) do not like sales or being sold to. In addition, all of us have barriers to starting something new, it's called initial inertia by top motivational psycologist, Dr Tom Barret.

So, what are the options?
Firstly, to get started, sign up for our free step by step program on how to build a business from scratch.

email: in order to start receiving the information.

You'll have the benefit of being able to access tools and systems which will be able togive you a head start, even if you have never run a business before. You'll start growing your business and enjoying success!