Wednesday 25 August 2010

POPGOS (Promoting Other Peoples Goods Or Services)

Jim Rohn, a legend in the field of direct sales said that it was possible to make money with only ambition and time.

Rather than buying, then selling (typical shop / ebay mentality), you can sell, then buy.

What this means is connecting people with services to people who want them.
How do you get paid?

You usually get a commission when the sale is made. Typically 10% or more of the initial order. Some generous companies also give you a residual income (more of that later).

This POPGOS approach is ideal for people who want to earn money, but are not prepared to spend much money up front.

With any opportunity, you must be aware that the following applies.

Opportunity x Action = $$$

This means that you have to act or put effort in to make money, whatever the opportunity.

Also make sure that you are fully trained. It's easy to turn potential customers off by saying the wrong thing.