Tuesday 9 November 2010

The Corona 7: POPGOS to generate wealth

At the weekend I met with Todd, who's one of the Corona 7.
Corona is a town in USA with 130,000 people within a 4 hour drive radius.

Todd and his friends became multi millionaires within a year or so.

We met in Derby, UK which has over 20 million people within a 4 hour drive radius.

I'm still reeling with the potential of this opportunity. Imagine!

So, I've now got the rights to run their system and I just need 6 people who want to lock arms with me and take this as far as it will go.

What's it about? Well about 5 years ago some of the guys went to Brazil and found that there were really healthy 70-80 year olds with no aches and pains. Their diet? Starchy food and Acai berry. The problem was that Acai perished within 24-48 hours of harvesting.

So, they developed a patented process to preserve the nutrients and now can distribute to over 16 countries worldwide.

Since 5 years ago its been discovered that this product helps people with neck pain, back pain, arthritis and general nutritoin.

Which bit do you like the best? Helping people, Looking young or making an extra income?

If you are interested in finding out more, would you be willing to meet with me on Wednesday in London?

Mark Hopgood
07767 875 550


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